MY THEORY ON THE MATTER (original idea/conspiracy)

By ClaytonLBr September 14th 2021

The story of Joseph Smith Jr founding the Mormon Church known by it’s full name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not real or I should say is a conspiracy made up by a genius man to claim control over people and prove to society he is as good as he thinks he is. That man is Brigham Young. Brigham Young invented the idea of Joseph Smith Jr to prove to people he could be a true modern day revelation and renaissance man of his times. In theory, there is no real proof to show that Joseph Smith Jr was ever alive in reality. The first point of evidence is the book that is made claim to be actual reason and cause for why the Church was constructed in the first place. The Moroni tablet made of gold does not exist and has never existed, or rather, no one has ever found it to be real and there is no proof that it was real because to this day there is no proof that the book of moroni is real. Brigham Young made that up too. According to my theory Brigham Young manifested the idea of a boy living in New York who went into the woods and found a magical book made of gold who would later found a church. This idea was constructed albeit by the desire to prove to citizens of Illinois and his fellow magistrates that he was a greater creative mind. At the time peole of success were staunch conservatives with no room for freedom of thought as in things of fantasy. Shakespeare is known for being the greatest playwright of all time. Brigham Young in his own desire to fulfill his fantasy as a boy of being a creative mind imagined the story of Joseph Smith Jr as young hero to lead an uprising that would change the landscape of history. His storybook became a way that would be reason for people to lead Joseph Smith Jr directly to Brigham Young where he would then take the “so-called” followers of Joseph into paradise as he led them away from the comfort of Illinois and into the wilderness journeying toward the land of Utah where the settlers would found the region and make it their home, or should I say Brigham Young’s foundation to his church. See, the clear identity of Joseph Smith Jr is quite unknown and the facts behind his existence are quite unapparent. His existence is not nearly as proven as people might come to believe and in reality his own image is that of a similar character known to be great as well but known by the ever more founded name upon which we refer to Him as Jesus. Joseph Smith Jr is in depicture of his image never quite the same and is the second proof of evidence that Joseph never existed whatsoever. It is like the tall tale of John Smith coming to America except no one knows who that is and there is no evidence of that person either. And so as tall tales go Brigham Young began imagining the story of his epic hero who would besiege the enemy lords of the Northeast and later flee with his few but devout followers where he would journey westward until settling for a very short time and again having to move forth toward a more prosperous land. Eventually Joseph would meet Brigham and that is where the story becomes real being that Brigham Young is a real person and did found Utah with his followers that travelled as pilgrims across the plains and through the mountains to Utah. It’s not so clear who Joseph Smith Jr was being that he was never a real person to begin with and completely fabricated by fantasy through the mind of an old man that was no longer seen as a young and fruitful person looking to retain and prove to himself that if he was still young people would choose to follow him. So instead he found a way to reconnect with his own past getting people to believe in the fantasies of his youth in the forest where he, as in Brigham Young, would find a golden book that would reveal to him the story of his great battle for good and evil eventually proving to people that the old and wise Brigham was in fact the best person to the lead the revolt away from terror now that made up Joseph is dead. In reality the face of Brigham is Joseph with the only difference being that Josph was young and died young and Brigham was old and no one ever knew what he looked like when he was young. The face of a man covered in life stories and experiences wearing heavy the laden froughs of burdensome work on the farm and learning to become a renaissance man under the lineage of a person that was not meant for anything greater than what he had already become. In order for his life to mean something and have a purpose along with the stories he had been told and the way fantasy remains a livid in the living world as with the living breathing boredom he began composing his masterpiece which would be known as The Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith Jr a pen name used by Brigham Young because he would not trust that if an old fat man with a beard from America tried penning such a great entry as that of the great Shakespeare no one would believe a person who did not come from wealth. Yes, in fact Brigham Young is the author of the book and the founder of the religion and to this day people attend his college, BYU, as well as his statue appears to be connected to the foundation of a culture and society that he himself founded including the book that he authored while sitting in the drudgery of his Illinois home thinking of his youth and wondering if what he dreamed of doing as a young boy; to start his own religion could have been possible.

© 2021 Clayton Levi Brown

“so you see now why I cannot believe in what you believe because you don’t even understand the story as I do, there’s hope for people who believe in achieving greatness, meanwhile drudgery for the followers that comes with the fate of the made up world in fantasy,. “ -clb

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